Hydrogen Aviation Applications

equipped with fittings from STÖHR ARMATUREN

The industry today
The aviation industry has its sights set on climate neutrality from 2050. To achieve this ambitious goal, it must move away from its focus on kerosene – the aviation industry’s go-to fuel for decades – and make room for a variety of new energy pathways capable of powering future aircraft.

Green energy and future needs
Achieving this will require a new energy ecosystem for aviation – which, in turn, will require significant investment, collaboration and technology development. Green hydrogen will play an integral role in the aviation industry’s road to zero.
Besides many different issues that drive future solutions for aeroplanes, helicopters, urban air mobility vehicles (UAM) and other unmanned flying platforms, the challenge of climate neutrality demands suitable solutions to manage the control process between the gas tank and the point of use in challenging environmental conditions.

Our mission
STÖHR is committed to having a positive impact on the environment and offers solutions for hydrogen-based transportation systems at all medium temperatures, valve sizes and pressure levels for both in-air mobile applications and stationary use at airport filling stations. Get in touch to discuss your design concept and we’ll work with you to design, prototype and manufacture the fittings and installations you need for mass production. We’re open to your challenge!

  • Onboard hydrogen tank valves (OTV)
  • Globe valves after tank
  • Supply line from LH2 tank to fuel cell
  • Use of LH2 for direct combustion in adapted gas engines
  • Supply line from LH2 tank to the gas engine
  • Hydrogen Airport storage tanks valves
  • Distribution pipe network to the aircraft
  • Supply for other airport vehicles

Essential product features:

  • Easy replacement of the compatible valve inserts
  • Prepared for installation into vacuum-jacketed lines
  • Cryogenic valve and filter series consisting of globe or control valve and filter
  • Cryogenic valve for media temperatures ranging from 2K to 243K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Available as straight body typd (standard) in or angle version (optional)
  • Low heat input through optimised bodies
  • As control valve, high control accuracy for flow control
  • Space-saving installation (small footprint) using compact actuators
  • For control valve, IP-controller mounted on top of the actuator
  • Installation position can be in horizontal position or even upside down (optional: series 900 TD)
  • Nominal sizes: DN15 / DN25 / DN50
  • Nominal pressure: PN 10 / 18 / 25 depending on nominal size

Series 900 globe valve with eletric actuator

Control valve with electric actuation

Pneumatic globe valve in upside-down position (series 900 TD)

  • Fittings for gases since 1938
  • Experienced in cryogenics since the 1960s
  • Quality system based on ISO 9001:2015
  • High product safety in operation
  • High product reliability, low maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • High leak tightness to the environment
  • Lowest heat loads to the medium
  • Highest pressure levels
  • Applicable at cryogenic, ambient and even hot medium temperatures
  • For all environmental and service conditions
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream applications

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